Liftgates are becoming obsolete because of the Robotic1400™.

Stop buying a one use item and get the multi-use Robotic1400.

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                                              Safety . . . It's Your choice™

Answering 3 questions will help you get a Robotic1400™ in your budget:

1).  Is there a single use for this product or does it  have multiple uses?            

There are unlimited uses for the Robotic1400™

2).  If we were to purchase a Robotic1400™ will it sit in the corner or would it get used?

Answer:  Is YES of course, the loader would be valuable in many situations. This answer is  critical because budget reductions make it harder for any supervisor to put their neck on the line, even for obtaining something this functionality useful.  However, both the Safety Manager & the supervisor will go to bat for you once they realize you would use it and be safer with the loader then without it.

3).  Justifying ROI on the Robotic1400™ is easy.  What safety device pays for itself?
  The  safety in using a Robotic1400™  makes it cost effective.  You can save over $7200.00 per year (based on an easily averaged savings of $30 per day, an amount which includes costs for insurance, workers comp, vacation, wages, etc.).  That overall savings would minimally give you a 20% return on investment (ROI). 

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OSHA  has been recommending mechanical lifting aids for decades, because lift gates  alone don't offer the full benefit of a mechanical lifting aid.  The major limitation of a liftgate is they only get the load up in the air, it does NOT get it into the truck.  

The new approach provided by this Patented Robotic1400™ gets the load both up in the air AND into the vehicle.  This maneuvering eliminates the hazard of climbing into or out of a pickup truck or van to load or unload virtually ANY load up to 1400 lbs.  That capability makes a Robotic1400™ a true mechanical lifting aid, that not only saves strain to your back it might just save your career too.

With multiple features, the Robotic1400™ is: a liftgate type device, a powered sliding truck bed, a platform loader, a box loader (both done at ground level), a truck bed extension, a dump box insert, an extended platform loader, a removable cart, a fork lift, & a mini pickup crane.

The Robotic1400™ offers the safest and easiest way to load and unload almost any type of cargo both into and out of any standard size pickup or full size van.  The best part is that you can perform these operations while standing out of harm's way on mother earth.

Once you have seen the difference between conventional Liftgates and the Robotic1400™, it becomes clear that the gate lift is probably outdated for most pickup truck applications. 

Purchasing the Robotic Loader, also known as the Robotic1400™ or Safety Loader, is really just a one time investment since it can be transferred easily to other vehicles.  Unlike Gate Lifts or Liftgates,

Robotic Lift Systems has built quality Robotic Loaders for over 15 years, producing units that move over one tenth of a billion dollars in medical equipment every day. 

Looking for a new or used Liftgate?  The Robotic1400™ by Robotic Lift Systems may be just the answer!

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