Dump box inserts have been around since the early 1970's.  The patented Robotic1400™ does eight times what a dump box insert will do.  Get more for your money and actually get a return on you investment. If you just want to dump your material on the ground then any dump truck will do, however if you would like more control and more options not only on how you dump your cargo look into the Robotic1400™

Safety "It's Your Choice"                                            See Video Below

A typical dump box insert installed in your pickup does two things.
1). It more then likely over loaded the rating of your pickup!
2). It destroyed the value of your pickup truck.
Consider a Robotic1400 and have 8 more options in how to optimize the use of your pickup.  No holes to drill to mount.  Easy in or out.  Fits 6' or 8' pickups without vehicle modifications.

OSHA Recommends mechanical lifting aids to reduce injuries. www.osha.gov

Robotic1400 is the first real mechanical lifting aid that allows you to load & unload, secure & un-secure your load at ground level while staying out of harms way. 

  The best way to reduce injuries is to eliminate the hazard. 

Robotic1400 is engineered to do just that.  It helps to reduce the frequency and severity of injuries.  If these two things are done the benefit you get is less cost of operation which means more profit.

Cost is always a consideration and should be.  Take a close look at what you are about to spend and the difference in the cost of the Robotic1400.  You should get at least a 20% return on your investment.  That would be like the bank paying you $2,000.00 per year for a $10,000.00 deposit!

The Robotic1400 not only keeps you out of harms way it keeps your truck out of harms way.  If not concerned about your health think about what value your truck is going to have when your done or if you put a dent in the side panel!  This is the most innovative loading device for pickups in 100 years.  Robotic1400

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