Robotic1400™ the original Robotic Loader is a dump box & 8 other transforming devices. 


Compare the Robotic1400 below with any Dump Box Insert

Patented Robotic1400™ is a dump box insert without messy hydraulics.

If you need a dump truck rent one, buy one, or contract it out.  Robotic1400 will pay for itself in less than 1 year over a dump box insert giving you a 100% Return on Investment.

Once a dump box insert is installed you have pretty much limited the other uses for a pickup truck. 

The Robotic Loader called Robotic1400 will give you many more options for your pickup.  One of the main options is safety. The second is you don't destroy your truck for resale. You can move the Robtic loader from truck to truck.

Safety . . .  "It's Your Choice"

OSHA  Recommends mechanical lifting aids to reduce injuries.

Contact information & pricing info         715-602-3112    Add this product to your line.  Call to see how you may be able to get a "Free" Robotic1400 to your largest customer(s) [Manufacturers only please] Ask For Howard
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