IBEW Electrical contractors what do you do with 600 lbs after you get it up into the air with a Liftgate?


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As an IBEW member I know that hazards abound at distribution and transmission and construction sites, with members working with extremely high voltage overhead and buried power lines. Fatal electrocution is the main risk, but burns and falls from elevation are also hazards. Tools of the trade like trucks, Liftgates, ladders or scaffold can also increase the risks when they come into contact with power lines.

Working with the IBEW, OSHA, NECA and individual contractors, the coalition aims to anticipate, identify, evaluate and control such safety hazards. They will share information on lessons learned and best practices and publicize their findings through training criteria and materials.

To maximize the success of the effort, participants have vowed to put aside competing differences for the goal of providing a safe and healthy workplace for workers in the industry. It is anticipated other contractors will join, which will increase the partnerships influence. Five of the countrys largest contractors belong to the partnership, including Pike Electric, Quanta Services, Utility Services, Inc., Henkels & McCoy and the MYR Group.

Standardizing safe work practices is even more important in todays highly mobile society. "This partnership will help unify standards and promote a better understanding of training needs and requirements that are most important to this industry," said Dan Pigott of Henkels & McCoy, which employs several thousand IBEW members across the country.  The New Safety Loader can be one more way to reduce operating cost and injuries at the same time. Contact Us.

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