Liftgates compared to the Patented Robotic1400™ & it's 8 Robotic Loading features.  If you Own a Liftgate Manufacturing Company call to see how you may be able to get a "Free" Robotic1400 to your largest Customer(s)

See Video Below

Size does matter
Liftgates get it up but not in
You couldn't even get started with a liftgate
You would still be picking up the mess with a liftgate
How would you even put this on a liftgate?
You would put 4 to 5 people in harms way loading this Crate
With a lift gate you may be able to drive it on side ways!
What do you do with a load when it's 3' in the air
Do you have something else other than a liftgate?
One button loading for this young lady
You want me to load loose material with a liftgate?
30 Seconds or half the morning the choice is yours
One person one touch. This is a real time, energy, and safe way
My work is done. All I have to do is press dump and unload it
Looks good with or with out the tail gate
It's Ok you can have a little fun once and a while
Big Load. . . Easy Job and no climbing into and out of the truck
OSHA  Recommends engineering the Hazard out first.  They also recommend installing mechanical lifting aids to reduce injuries.   After a no cost side by side demonstration it will be clear which loader you will want to use in the future. 80% of all companies that have a liftgate on their pickup trucks want something safer and more user friendly to use. The Robotic1400 is just that loader.


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This is a Problem waiting to happen.
Lift gates can be a problem or even a Hazard! 
Where is the Safety or Risk Manager when you need them?

Both of these applications should not be using a liftgate.

Hazards that are eliminated by using the Robotic1400™?

1).  Securing the load at ground level.  Reduces risk of falling off of truck.

2).  Eliminate climbing into the truck to load.  OSHA recommends pushing
rather then pulling a load.  Impossible with a Lift Gate.

3).  Eliminate the chance of falling off of the truck when climbing up or

4).  Eliminate turning the load while it is over 3' in the air.  This is a            
big problem with Lift Gates as shown above.

5).  Eliminate the hazard of the cargo falling off of the Lift Gate

6).  Eliminate being crushed under Lift Gate.

7).  Down load Hazard Analysis Profile

Over 47 years ago hydraulic lift gates were designed to move heavy loads to and from the ground up to the pickup truck bed but not into the truck. 

Now almost 50 years later there is a better way.  

The Robotic1400 ™ is simply the safest way to get the cargo all the way into and out of a pickup truck. 

Hazards like lifting, twisting, overexertion, or falling from a vehicle have been engineered out with the Robotic1400™.

Take a moment and watch how cargo and equipment is loaded with a liftgate.  It really is quite dangerous when you watch the process.  First it is the hazard of being crushed, pinched or injured someway by operating the lift gate getting it to the ground.

Once on the ground you put the cargo onto the platform and note there is no way to secure the cargo as you are raising it to truck bed height.  This puts the cargo and the operator at risk as it may fall off.  Once the liftgate and cargo is at truck bed height now you have to climb over the liftgate and cargo creating even more of a hazard. 

Now comes the real problem how do you move the equipment into the truck bed?  You bought the liftgate because the cargo was to heavy and now you probably need some sort of equipment or personal to help move it into the truck.

Next is securing the load.  Bending, twisting, turning all in awkward positions.  No wonder people are getting hurt!  Then the person(s) have to get back out of the truck.  The equipment and cargo are all in the way and you are 3' off the ground which is another accident waiting to happen.

Now you get to where you want to offload the cargo and go through the same process.  Put yourself in the shoes of the person that has to do this on a daily basis and maybe you might have empathy that there is a better way.  It is called the Robotic1400.

Yes, the Robotic1400 will cost more than a liftgate.  However the Return on investment will be 30% to 200%. With a liftgate there is no ROI.  Being more versatile translate to greater value on your money.  Call 1-715-602-3112 and Robotic Lift Systems will work with you to answer any questions you may have.

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