Compare liftgates & the Robotic1400™.  It get's the cargo up and into the truck reducing hazards.


The most innovative loading device for pickups in 100 years
Robotic1400 keeps workers comp claims down, reduces the frequency and severity of injuries which also reduces workers comp premiums.   Robotic1400.  If you are using lift gates on pickup trucks now you will change your mind after just one demonstration.

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Maintaining a safe workplace is almost but not entirely totally unlike following OSHA* regulations. If complying with OSHA regulations at your lowest up front cost is your goal, then I suggest you read another site.

Let an accident happen and everyone notices. The very nature of construction work, all of it, is conducive to accidents. There are so many factors that come into play on any job site no matter how large or how small, that unless everyone on the job site is safety conscious an accident could happen; this includes visitors.  Each Municipality has the following departments, Water, Waste Water, Streets, Parks.  Each department should have at least one Safety Loader.  Think about how easy it is to have an accident either you or co-worker could be out of work for months or even


You don't practice safety, you live it. Safety has to become ingrained in every employee starting with the head of the company and that applies to any sized operation from the largest to the smallest. If the head of the company isn't concerned about safety the attitude carries on down through the ranks to the lowest person on the totem pole.

Job site accidents can result in the loss of life, limb and senses. It would be fantastic if we were able to eliminate them from happening, but because we are human all we can do is work at controlling them and doing everything within our power to minimize the risk.

How Can We Avoid Sprains and Strains?

Think of ways to do the job differently we can make our work easier:

Minimize manual materials handling with dollies, hoists, and other equipment like the Robotic1400.

Better job planning (deliver materials where they're used).

Store materials for easy access.

Use tools that are comfortable and easy to handle.

Wear PPE, like kneepads and shoulder pads.

 What Injuries Are Most Common?

About 43% of lost work day injuries are sprains and strains which include:

Hand and wrist problems.

Back injuries.

Sprains, strains, and overexertion.

There are really three questions to answer to get a Safety Loader purchased.

1)       Is there a single use that it could be used for a lot or are there multiple uses?  Answer there are unlimited uses for the Safety Loader

2)       If we were to purchase the Safety Loader will it sit in the corner or would it get used?  Answer: if you don’t say YES of course I would use the loader I would be crazy not to.  This answer is critical because no supervisor would put their neck on the line with the reduction of budget issue.  They will however go to bat for you along with the Safety Manager knowing you will be safer with the loader then without it.

3)       If you need to justify the ROI on any purchase this one should be easy.  What safety device pays for itself?  The  Safety Loader does Saving One hour per day (easy) at $30.00/hr (includes insurance, workers comp, vacation, wages….) You would save over $7200.00 per year giving you better than a 20%   Pricing Request or more info.

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OSHA  Recommends mechanical lifting aids to reduce injuries.

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