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View Video Below of Most Innovative Lift for Pickup Trucks in 100 Years

Introducing the Robotic1400
NTEA members with over 600 dealers find solutions for customers of all types.  They are afiliated with the major truck manufactures in the United States. They call on Fleet Managers helping to find solutions to their customers problems.

I problem that has often been overlooked is SAFETY in the loading and unloading process.  It is sometimes difficult to sell added value when there is an obvious upfront cost for a better piece of equipment.

Robotic Lift Systems has developed a better way.  We have engineered out the hazard of climbing into and out of a pickup or van.  All the loading and securing can be done out of harms way standing on Mother Earth.

Load almost any type of cargo up to 1400 lbs with the push of a button.

The number is elusive but it appears that almost a Trillion dollars is being spent in workers compensation each year.  Someone gets hurt on the job about every 50 seconds (National Safety Council).

A Robotic1400 not only reduces the frequency and severity of injuries it helps to reduce your workers compensation premiums.
Jim York, of commercial insurer Zurich Services Corp, analyzed some 2,800 freight carrier claims during the 1998 to 2000 period (Light & Medium Truck, June 2000). According to his study, the average worker compensation costs for pushing/pulling and lifting/bending incidents were $10,175 and $8,989, respectively. 

Compare what ever type of device you were going to put into the pickup like a liftgate, rollout bed, bed extender, dumpbox inserts to the Robotic1400.  You will find that you would get a 100% ROI or greater by spending the extra money.

Robotic Lift Systems has been building loading devices for over 16 years with thousands of satisfied customers.  Let us try and help you.  715-602-3112

Take a look at the most innovative loading device for pickups in over 100 years. Robotic1400
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