Opportunities with the Robotic1400:  We are looking for a Licensee for the intellectual property.   Since 1994 We have sold thousands of the Medical Transport Devices.  This new Roboticloader has millions of applications. It has the potential of replacing 80% of all Liftgates in pickup trucks.  If you own a Liftgate Manufacturing Company Contact me on how you can get your biggest customer(s) a free demonstration.  715-602-3112 Ask For Howard

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How many pickup trucks are there that are potential customers? Our research in the United States show more than half of all businesses have pickup trucks. Virtually every business in that group is a potential client. Here is a representative list of businesses in some states provided by the US government. Divide by 2 and you will have a good approximation of the market potential in that state.  You may have different numbers to plug in.  It also works in full size Chevy or ford vans, flat trucks and Sprinters.

United States 30,000,000 pickup trucks 800,000 newly built each year
Arizona 114,804
California 799,863
Colorado 137,528
Connecticut 92,436
Florida 428,438
Illinois 308,067
Louisiana 101,016
Maine 39,466
Massachusetts 176,222
Nebraska 49,623
New York 424,784
Ohio 270,509
Pennsylvania 294,741
South Dakota 23,783
Texas 471,509

Overview of Products & Services
Robotic Lift Systems (RLS) has an unusual approach to providing Safety solutions to end user clients.
Unlike most companies in this field that market a single use product or a limited number of products focused on narrow applications, the Safety Loader replaces 8 different devices which would have to be installed in 8 different vehicles. 

Looking at return on investment (ROI) the Safety Loader can give a 20% to 400% ROI. 

Everybody wants to provide or work in a safe environment!  The interest in the solutions we offer is phenomenal. However, it’s important our products and services are presented in a professional manner.   Please contact us for more information.

How Products & Services Are Sold:

The Safety aspect and the dramatic savings that can be immediately realized by this versatile product.  The demonstrations enable consultants to actually demonstrate the product’s ability to dynamically reduce the amount of labor and Safety  issues involved in the loading  and unloading process.  Additional demonstrations can be created with various optional accessories
to show the dynamic effects of our products.

There are a minimum of Six markets for RLS International products: industrial, corporate, commercial, original equipment manufacturers and Governmental. Here is a synopsis of each market:

Rental Market:  Every community has a location that rents out equipment and tools.  All of this equipment needs to be transported to and from the Rental store to the place of use and then back again to the Rental Store.  Currently Brute strength (leads to injury), lift gates (get the load up but not into the truck (leads to injuries), trailers (create driving, backing, parking and storage issues and it still does not eliminate the hazard of climbing into or out of the trailer.

The Industrial Market:   This market is saturated with equipment for loading and unloading of heavy equipment all the while the pickup truck is basically ignored.  It is interesting that people continue to get hurt with this simple device called a pickup.  One issue is that they say they don't use their pickup trucks for loading and unloading.  The question might be why not drive a car?  The answer is....  they don't know and guess what people get hurt.  This is the opportunity of the demonstration and reminding that OSHA recommends mechanical lifting aids.  Mechanical lifting devices did not exist for pickups that was versatile until now.

Corporate Sales
With the rapid run up of Safety cost and insurance in recent years and no end in sight, a new breed  of corporate Safety managers has emerged with large budgets and orders to review promising technology. These mangers often report directly to the board. Many large businesses now realize that base profit levels can be dramatically improved with good Safety policy. Larger orders can be realized with a corporate
headquarters policy decision involving implementation of RLS.

Commercial Sales

By far the largest market for new Affiliates will be the Commercial sector which includes a very wide range of manufacturers and other types of business. It is an easy sector to approach and the results are outstanding using the Safety approach.

The case for Safety and labor savings recommended by RLS Affiliates is very logical and immensely appealing to business owners. In essence it will cost the client nothing. From the first moment your recommended products are being used they will be paying for themselves entirely out of the savings they generate; cutting costs and increasing profits. When offered to the customer on a lease there is no capital outlay other than for the first lease payment. After that, the monthly payments are always less than the projected savings, giving your clients an immediate month by month profit.

Governmental Sales
A solid business may be founded on Municipality, County, State and Federal Government sales. With the imminent release of the world’s first actually effective multi- functional Safety device that pays for itself opens up new markets for the RLS Affiliate. The products lend themselves to volume sales at similar venues.

The Next Step
Call 1-715-602-3112 and ask for Howard or email us at hhanson2020@yahoo.com 

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