Liftgate alternatives for Parks.  Check out the Patented Robotic1400™ & all it's features.
Just one demonstration and you won't want your liftgate anymore!
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   715-602-3112   Every Park District should have at least one Robotic1400. If you have a lift gate you would love this product.

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Parks have a lot of different demands for equipment and access to the equipment.  Sometimes they need a dump truck for a small load to fill a playground area.  A large truck for such a small job is expensive and usally takes several people and pieces of equipment.  It could take the large dump truck, a trailer, a skid loader, two operators and a supervisor.  A thousand dollars later and they now have to spend time cleaning up the large ruts dug in by the dump truck.  The Safety Loader or Robotic1400 could haul those small loads anywhere and with only one person.  Even if it took more than one trip it would be a fraction of the cost.

Now take a branch lying in the road.  It would take a truck, a trailer, or a dump truck and if a dump truck a trailer and Skid loader to pickup the wood.  Again with the Safety Loader one person could have this done in minutes saving thousands of dollars.  We don't suggest that you replace the dump truck with this device.  What we suggest is you get the benifits of being more economic, more ergonomically friendly, Safer and better use of manpower and your pickup truck.  If all you need is a vehicle to drive around in get a car, however if you are taking a chance with a pickup install a Safety Loader it could save someones career and or livelyhood.

Whether or not you use a Ford Pickup, GMC Pickup, Chevy Pickup or Dodge Pickup the Safety Loader will fit in any of them.  They can be a 6' or 8' box. 
See Safety Loader for Specs.
This is a one time purchase as it is easily transferable to the next vehicle without any modification.  Your Pickup also stays out of harms way while loading and the unloading process.  This makes the vehicle last longer and worth more when you go to trade it in.

Time savings and Payback for this device is very fast.  It could be one or two years at the most.  As it is 8 devices all in one you really need less equipment or better said great value for one Safety Loader.  Just hooking up a trailer to a pickup and then parking it and then unhooking the trailer at the end of the day could saves hours per week.  Let's not forget the trailer lights always need to be checked and many times repaired addtional cost that goes away.  Again we are not suggesting that this will replace your need for a trailer it just makes your pickup truck more useful.

OSHA Recommends mechanical lifting aids to reduce injuries. Don;t wait until it is to late!
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