Compare the Robotic1400™  to Liftgates.  The easiest and safest way to load almost any type of cargo.  
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According to ASSE, investing in safety pays and contributes positively to a company's bottom line. Businesses which includes Rental Companies spend about $170 billion a year on costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses and pay almost $1 billion every week to injured employees and their medical providers. In addition, a recent investment firm study in Australia showed valuation links between workplace safety and health factors and investment performance. It found that companies who did not adequately manage workplace safety issues under performed those that did.

Ever Rent a Lift Gate to a customer knowing they would probably get hurt getting the load from the lift gate into the truck?

Although safety does impact the bottom line, this should not be the driving factor to maintain the highest level of safety on the job site. People are involved and are not as easily repaired or replaced as equipment. Investing in safety even during tough economic times will pay dividends long term in improved productivity and employee morale. If your employees know you care about them they are more likely to care about you. Safety Loader       

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What Injuries Are Most Common?

About 43% of lost work day injuries are sprains and strains.

Hand and wrist problems.     Back injuries.      overexertion.

OSHA Site for calculating cost of injuries.

Deciding if a lift gate is right for you or investigating how the Robotic1400 is the right decision for you and your employees future.   

OSHA  Recommends mechanical lifting aids to reduce injuries. Why wait until it is to late?

   "Safety . . .  It's Your Choice"

Money cut from safety processes can have an enormous cost later. There are better and smarter ways to protect the bottom lineWe would like to see companies like Home Depot, Lowes, True Value (Rent all), Menards, United Rental and other Rental Companies all taking a look at the Safety Loader to see how it could provide a safer working environment.

You don't practice safety, you live it. Safety has to become ingrained in every employee starting with the head of the company and that applies to any sized operation from the largest to the smallest. If the head of the company isn't concerned about safety the attitude carries on down through the ranks to the lowest person on the totem pole.


Another factor, accidents reduce productivity and slow a job. Typically an accident usually ends up involving more than a single individual. If the accident is serious enough, the investigation alone can set a project back days. If you have a good safety record, make sure you let your clients know that it's because you use safer construction methods, practices and equipment instead of less expensive approaches.

Lifting and loading injuries frequency and severity could be reduce with the Robotic Loader.  It can be installed into Pickup Trucks or Vans and easily transferable from one vehicle to the next.                  Back to the Top
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