What our customers are saying about Robotic Loaders:

Your loaders are built  much stronger than other loaders we have tried.

I am still using the same loader that I purchased 15 years ago.  It is in it's fifth vehicle and still going strong.

It is so nice not having to climb into the vehicle to load or unload our equipment.

    What they are saying about the Robotic1400
Now that I don't have to climb into my truck you are saving my knees.

We see a million uses for the Robotic1400 and use it every day.

I am recommending to everyone with a pickup truck your new Robotic1400.

I can't believe how much energy I have left at the end of the day because of the Robotic1400 saving me the effort of loading and unloading.

We no longer have to send two people to unload saving us thousands of dollars per year.

This thing is really built tough, Good Job.

The next time we replace our liftgate we are going to purchase a Robotic1400.

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