Optical Surgery devices and carts, Ultrasound lift, Mobile Medical, transporting device for moving medical equipment like B& L , GE ultrasound, Philips ultrasound, Siemens ultrasound, Toshiba ultrasound and others. 
Since 1994 thousands of our loaders have moved medical devices daily. Your Tech is your most important asset fon't put them at Risk. Your Tech is loading and unloading your heavy expensive equipment. There is no need for them to climb into or out of a vehicle to load anymore. One touch loading and unloading. 715-602-3112

Ask about our latest loader that can move up to two machines at one time. It has the ability to go over the top of a pickup truck tail gate. This in most cases allows for a regular size topper and using the trucks tail gate as half of the back door. The combination allows drivers to park in hospital parking lots and in their own garage at home.

     Our patented loading devices can load all manufactures & types of Ultra Sound machines, optical surgery, Xray and more.
Call 715-602-3112 for your specific medical transport needs.
Transport Ultra Sound, X ray, Cataract medical equipment.  Over 22 years experience and moving over 1/10 of a Billion dollars in medical equipment everyday. 

No vehicle modifications required.  Makes your vehicle worth more when you go to sell it.  The lift is easily transferred into another vehicle making a one time purchase adding even more value.

When using a mini van or Ford Transit Robotic Lift Systems recommends that a Fire Stone air lift system is installed to raise the rear of the vehicle during the loading and unloading process.

This will be the last lift you would have to buy.  It is built to last over 30 years.

OSHA Recommends mechanical lifting aids as a way to eliminate hazards in the work place.  Engineer out the Hazard of climbing into and out of a vehicle to load or unload your medical equipment.  Robotic Lift Systems will customize for your equipment.

If one Tech gets hurt on the job it could cost you thousands of dollars in insurance cost plus lost time in their territory. If permanently injured the dollar number could be well over $100,000.00 to get another Tech to cover that territory. The old saying, pay now or pay later.  715-602-3112

The first 30 seconds shows how easily MEDICAL  equipment can be loaded.


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